A little bit

been painting a while, been drawing my whole life, although i've never been that interested in replicating the surface appearance of life as an artistic goal ...the pages are organized by places I've lived and where the work was done...i don't know how much all the moving affects me anymore, i have accepted change as a given.

as an artist i made a conscious decision long ago to be a painter because of paint's facility to take imagination easily, if i became bored i would stop, but after thirty years it still moves me, it still interests me, it is still fun...i guess if i were a writer, i would still be using words, i would be writing left to right and enjoy being immersed in what that structure can release...i still like to read books and i don't think they are less interesting for being written in more or less understandable English left to write and printed in a rectilinear codex format, although I'm sure i could adapt to scrolls or electronic reading devices and still enjoy myself.

i could care less about fashion, about trends, i pretty much do whatever floats my boat, gets me through the night, although i always try to get it right, whatever that might be.  

A word about organization: Each section is a time and place.  I'm pretty relaxed about what I put in, being more encyclopedic than editorial in my approach, figuring if you don't like it you can skip it which is the beauty of visual art.  You can take it or leave it in a flash or spend as much time as you like with it.  I think I might even start adding sketchbooks.